If you are an art and design student new to computers then you may want to look at some of these tips to help you get the most out of them.

Some students absolutely love computers and can’t work without them. Other students say the hate them and would rather they were never invented. Whichever category you feel you fall in, there are risks involved.

If you only work on computers, then you may find that you lose touch with important traditional processes. If you are afraid of them, then you may find you have difficulties when asked to present your work in a digital way or have to produce a professional portfolio.

Have a look at some of the points within the slideshow, even if you feel reasonably confident. Some of them may be old news, but others might surprise you as they are collected from years of experience of working with students from all kinds of disciplines such as fashion, 3D, graphics and fine art.

The idea is that a little bit of prep early on will save a lot of heartache and speed up work, but also open more doors for creative practice.

Daniel Freaker Daniel Freaker Educational Consultant, Editor for Pearson Portfolio. danfreaker@pearsonportfolio.co.uk