Most art and design students will have an A1 or A2 portfolio which frequently contains a mixture of experimental work and final outcomes presented on design boards. This resource looks at methods for effective presentation of your projects using design boards.

Design Boards

Most art and design students will have an A1 portfolio, these will contain a variety of A1 sheets. Some interviewers will look through all the worksheets and these can have a massive impact, but it will be very difficult for people to see all the pages in all the sketchbooks, which is why it may be useful for you to consider presenting the development of a project on one or two A1 design sheets.

The advantage of a design sheet is that it presents lots of information at once. It is also more purposeful in directing attention at the areas you are proud of within your portfolio. Here are some ideas of how these can benefit your design sheets.

  1. Use medium heavy white card, not mount-board.
  2. Avoid putting these in plastic wallets. They are very heavy and reduce the ability for interviewers to interact with anything you have that is textured or printed on special paper.
  3. Consider giving over an A1 sheet for the best parts of each sketchbook.
  4. Take photographs of all the stages of a project and put these on a worksheet with some writing to show its development.
  5. If you have too many sketchbooks, consider leaving some out and putting the best parts on a worksheet instead.
  6. If you can identify key areas in a project, i.e. specific kinds of experiments or drafts, then put these on separate worksheets.
  7. Consider creating your sheets digitally and giving them a house style that follows through the portfolio.
  8. If you are taking digitally created design sheets, then remember to take some actual outcomes. These could be life drawings or small-scale outcomes, but many interviewers will appreciate seeing the real thing.

Design Boards for Portfolios

Design Boards for Portfolios Design Boards for Portfolios Design Boards for Portfolios Design Boards for Portfolios

Daniel Freaker Daniel Freaker Educational Consultant, Editor for Pearson Portfolio.