Presenting work in a final exhibition might be the first time students have really engaged with a wide audience.  This article explores ways of making the process of producing a successful exhibition easier for students.

Here is a presentation to look at with students that will provoke thoughts about aspects of the show, some of which they may never have considered.

By looking at a student’s sketchbook that covers the process, your group may anticipate and prepare for some of the issues that arise. They may also find it easier to structure and manage the time leading up to the exhibition more effectively.

Lecturers wishing to use this process as part of an Edexcel course may want to consider using video of discussions, group work with posters or observation witness statements of evidence produce by students.

Some of the ideas that this presentation explores are:

  • Exhibitions

  • Invites

  • Health and Safety

  • Design

  • Peer feedback on ideas

  • Statements

  • Business Cards or Postcards

  • Catalogue

  • Visitor Book

Daniel Freaker Daniel Freaker Educational Consultant, Editor for Pearson Portfolio.